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Newristics: Marketing Website

Newristics is a market research company that specializes in message creation and testing. They use behavioral science, AI and Machine learning to boost their services. 

This project was done at Unikove Technologies.

Project Type
Website Design




My Role
Wireframing, UI Design



Me, Pragya Sharma, Gaurav Kapoor


To redesign the marketing website for Newristics. The website should be specific to pharmaceutical brands but also illustrates why newristics has an edge over their competitors.

The Process

Newristics process.png

The Problem

Newristics specialises in optimising messages using behavioural science and AI. They currently provide message testing, message development, message performance and message delivery related services which each has a product offering for it. Messaging related services is what gives Newristics an edge and tags them as a specialist. Since the scope of services they offer is very narrow, they faced a challenge in finding business which led to repositioning of the company.

The Repositioing

With a heavy heart, the company decided to reposition itself as a generalist in market research and content creation. They decided to cater to the pharmacuetical company specifically. 

The Solution

Redesigning the website with a pharma centric approach

Generic service offering but illustrate the Newristic's specialization which gived them an edge over their competitiors

Prioritizing the service offerings and solutions over products

Who is the website for?

Commercial Team

Medical Team

Market Access Team

Scope of Redesign

What goes on the website?

About the brand

Newristics specialization


Performance Claims

Use Cases


Thing's we decided not to add to the website 

We decided not to add information about significance of the product/service provided in pharmaceutical commercialization process in an assumption that the target user is well aware about it, since they work in that field, The content about the same would be added as a blog instead of content of service pages.

Competitive Analysis

Newristics competitors.png




Style Guide

Style Guide Newristics.png

Final Designs

Frame 526.jpg
Services Page UI.jpg

Thats all folks!

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