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About Me

I am a 26 year old experience designer who loves to create user-friendly and intuitive design. Scroll down to learn more about my professional journey.

Experience which makes me, ME!

Born and brought up in Delhi in 1997

Being in the capital city of India where I grew up with friends from different cultures and religions, I respect and celebrate all but don't practise any of it fully. I grew up at the onset of globalisation in India which has allowed me the exposure to global cultures through media, brands and products. Though I grew up with an international influence, living with a joint family kept me closer to my roots. 

Taking a design thinking class in 2016

In a class within my certificate program, the instructor shed light on societal contradictions. Prior to this, I was a snob who felt that what I believe in is correct, and any other opinion cannot be right. In this class, first, we collectively acknowledged a perception that younger generations are often viewed as bratty or extreme. Subsequently, the discussion shifted to whether the older generation is deemed overly stringent and traditional.That’s when I realised the hypocrisy of the opinions. There cannot be one right or wrong, and the definition for it will also keep changing with time. I believe that teacher changed my thought process a lot.

Moving to Chennai in 2017

For my bachelors degree, I moved to chennai which is a city with tamil culture. I realised what being a minority in a place with less diversity is. This was also my first time living alone. I met people from all over India who were culturally diverse. I connected with people and made sense of their perspectives.

Studying Textiles

Prior to my bachelors degree in textiles, I was fascinated by western and east asian culture. Since India has a rich textile tradition, reading about those in my course gave me a new appreciation for Indian culture and art. 

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